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Welcome to our website, where we want you to enjoy the best oranges and tangerines, we will send them either to your house or wherever you choose, directly from the tree. They are totally free of chemical preservation treatments and it will not require any intermediaries. Our fresh and with high quality oranges and tangerines ripen in their own trees, keeping all their flavour and vitamines, as it lasts a very short time for them to be taken from the trees to your house.

Our oranges and tangerines are grown inside the ‘Albufera National Park’, in Valencia, inside the municipal district of Cullera, only a hundred metres away from the rice fields and 700 hundred metres away from the Mediterranean sea. The sea covers our coasts, and this offers a unique microclimate for the growth of the oranges, giving them an exceptional texture and flavour.


Why choosing www.orangesrico.com

  • RICH in flavour

  • RICH in vitamines

  • RICH in cares

  • RICH in freshness

  • RICH in willingness to work for you

Adopt an orange tree


Adopt an orange tree. You can be its godfather/godmother.

Ethical consumption, maximum traceability, natural oranges directly from the tree and with all its flavour..

We have an orange tree for you, it can be a baby or a big one, You choose..

You can watch its evolution and receive its oranges when you choose. Or you can come and take the fruit from the orange tree or visit it.

You choose a name for your orange tree, and we send you pictures of it with its name..

arbol 1 ORANGE TREE = 80 EUROS = 80 KILOS
medio arbol ½ ORANGE TREE = 40 EUROS = 40 KILOS

arbol 1 ORANGE TREE = 60 EUROS = 80 KILOS
medio arbol ½ ORANGE TREE = 35 EUROS = 40 KILOS

Logistic costs:

You can order your oranges in as many deliveries as you wish and you can decide how many kilos you want to receive with each shipment. The cost for sending your fruit will be:

You can come and collect your fruit directly from our plantation: FREE LOGISTIC COSTS.

You can give a tree as a GIFT TO SOMEONE.

You can SHARE a tree with your friends, family, companions,…amigos

regala naranjos

Every year you can decide if you want to go on with looking after your tree. You can keep your tree during upcoming seasons or not.

You can order oranges from the first year, and from the beginning of the season (November) to the end (April). We can send you different varieties, if you prefer.

You will be the owner of your own orange tree. You will only pay the logistical costs for picking and shipping your oranges.

  • Reserve your crowfunded orange tree and choose a name for it
  • We will send you a certificate and pictures of your tree.
  • Decide when you want the 80 kilos, who you want them send to. You can give an gift voucher. You will only pay the logistical costs for picking and shipping.
  • You can come and visit your tree and even collect your oranges directly without logistic costs. We will organise one Sunday each month and every afternoon from Monday to Friday between 15:30 pm and 17:00 pm. Please write us an e-mail to rico@naranjasrico.com beforehand.
  • At the end of season you decide if you want to go on looking after your tree.
  • At the beginning of the season we will update the logistic costs.
  • AVAILABILITY: You can choose the frequency and amount of kilos sent and delivered.
  • IF IT IS A PRESENT: you can send your oranges to the address that you want of each shipment. You can change it if necessary.
  • THE WHOLE SEASON: You can have your harvest throughout the season. From November to April, according to the availability of the variety of orange, if you prefer.
  • HARVEST: you can collect them directly from the tree. We’ll organice one Sunday a month and in the afternoon that you want. Without additional costs.
  • VISIT: You can visit your orange tree at our plantation when you want. Please write an email to rico@naranjasrico.com at least one week before so we can go with you.
  • ACCUMULATION OF ORANGES: if you do not consume all your harvest by the end of the orange season, we will add the rest to your harvest for the following year.
  • NAME: when you send us the name of your orange tree, one week later we will attach its name plaque and send you a picture.
  • AGE: we have a year old trees which will be ready for harvest in three years. And we have six years old tree with harvest. Or old trees with harvest.

Adopt an orange tree


We are a citrus growers family, deeply rooted in the región of ‘Ribera del Júcar’. We have always believed in the quality of our products, investing in studies and improvements. In fact, since the beginning of the twentieth century there has always been an entitled person either in Technical Agricultural Engineering or an agronomist ingeneer managing the exploitation.

For all these reasons, from www.orangesrico.com we offer HOME-GROWN and with LIMITED EDITION oranges, with all the health guarantee so that you can enjoy these wonderful oranges that we carefully and wisely produce inside the ‘Parque Natural de la Albufera’ (Albufera National Park).

oranges Rico's field in


calendar varieties of oranges

September   October   November
December   January   February
Navelina   Navelina
Lane Late
  Lane Late
March   April   May
Lane Late   N. Chislett    
* These two varieties due to Mediterranean fly ( Ceratitis capitata ) we will collected with yellow-green skin color but its properties of flavor and aroma will be in perfect condition.

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